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Reading is one of my favourite things to do. If you are a publisher wanting me to review a piece of work, I would be more than happy to be contacted.

I mainly read Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Chick Lit and Adventure. However I read some from most genres. If you are unsure if I would be interested, still feel free to contact with. 

All reviews are my own and honest opinion of the book, and this will never change.

At this time I am only able to accept print copies of books, but I am happy for them to be ARC's

I can't guarantee that the review will be up during a certain time period, unless it has already been discussed with the publisher. If for whatever reason I do not complete the book, I won't post a review, that wouldn't be fair as I haven't gotten the full grasp of the book. 
Any books received will be considered gifts. I do not accept payment for any reviews I write. I am not a professional reviewer, I read and review for enjoyment. 

Unfortunately I am currently not accepting review requests from self published authors, unless the book piques my interest and the author is able to supply a paperback copy. However, if I do decide to accept a review request it does not 100% guarantee that it will be reviewed on my blog. Though I will do my absolute best to do right by both the authors and readers of my blog.


Review policy is subject to change at my discretion

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