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Review: Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Liar by Justine Larbalestier
Released: September 29th 2009
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Source: Library
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My Rating: 2/5 Stars

From Goodreads: "Micah Wilkins is a liar.

But when Michah's boyfriend, Zach, dies under brutal circumstances, the shock might be enough to set her straight. Or maybe not. Especially when lying comes as naturally to her as breathing. Was Micah dating Zach? Did they kiss? Did she see him the night he died? And is she really hiding a family secret? Where does the actual truth lie?

*This review contains spoilers*

There is a lot happening in this book and the tables seem to turn more often than they don't, and not in a way I liked. So the first nearly half of the book you're thinking that Michah is just your average high school girl, she barely ever tells the truth, no really, like ever. For starter's I'm not a big fan of characters who are constantly lying, they make me uneasy. Which I guess was the goal of this book, but it just didn't sit well with me. Liar is almost written as a kind of journal, Michah is telling us about her life, but she also lies to us. She tells us about her brother, only she doesn't have a brother. She is lying.

Michah is seeing a boy named Zach, a boy who has a girlfriend. Michah spends a lot of her time with him and doesn't feel at all sorry about his girlfriend. They often go running together, which is kind of how they met. Zach is never able to keep up with Michah, but there is a reason for that. Now this we don't find out until halfway through the book... Michah is actually a werewolf. A WEREWOLF. What the hell? I had previously heard that this was a werewolf book, but once I had started reading it, I assumed I had miss-understood... Michah is a werewolf, and the 'desk' in her bedroom is actually a cage for her to be locked into when she goes through the change.

When Nick winds up dead, her parents start to wonder if it was their daughter who killed him. Even Michah isn't sure, since she doesn't remember anything that happens when she is a werewolf.

After Nick's death, his best friend, girlfriend and Michah start hanging out, in some kind of twisted way they comfort each other. All knowing full well that Michah was cheating on him, the others with their own secrets.

I didn't enjoy this book very much, but I hate to leave a book unfinished so I had to keep reading. I am glad I picked this one up from the library, and didn't buy it, it's been a while sine I have been so disappointed in a book. I really hate giving ratings of less than 3, but I'm not going to lie to you guys! Of course that is not to say that you wont enjoy this yourself, this just wasn't for me!

Have you read this? Am I the only one who was left underwhelmed?

Happy reading!
- Amy


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