Friday, February 1, 2013

(t)GIF Fridays! #1

Hi everyone!

Not sure how this is going to go down but thought I would give it a shot anyway! I was out for a nice chocolately splurge with Rebecaa @ Reading Wishes and Hannah @ The Girl in a Cafe, talking about GIF's. Now if you didn't know, which you probably didn't, Hannah is a little obsessed with GIF's ;) Sorry to let that cat out of the bag Hannah!

Anyway I was laying in bed the other night thinking about my blog and thinking about GIF's and thinking about Fridays.  I don't know what happened, all of a sudden BAM, I thought: 'TGIF! heh heh that's like GIF with a T at the start.' Then I thought that maybe I could do TGIF Fridays! I thought it would be a cool idea. I don't know if it will stick but hey, us internet folk seem to love all things internet related! GIF's included! Am I right?

So much of the time I find that GIF's can convey emotion so much better than words. Especially when there are just so many feels!

Enough of the blabby blabby. Here it is, my first (t)GIF Friday! Let's see how we go!

I freaking love this GIF. Who DOESN'T love dogs? How I feel when I walk into a bookstore and double take because a book I wasn't expecting to be out, is already out. Squee!

Feel free to share with me any GIF's that you like! I rather enjoy discovering new ones XD

Happy reading!


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