Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Blogger Hop #1

Book Blogger Hop is a meme hosted by Jen over at Crazy For Books, for how to participate and more information click here. Book Blogger Hop was started to help book bloggers make connections and discover new blogs as well as new books (who doesn't like discovering new books right??). Jen asks her readers and participators of the Blog Hop to answer one question. This week the question is... Drum roll please...

“Many of us primarily read one genre of books, with others sprinkled in. If authors stopped writing that genre, what genre would you start reading? Or would you give up reading completely if you couldn’t read that genre anymore?”

My favourite genre to read is YA fiction, as well as paranormal romance. But I have been known to read action and adventure authors such as Matthew Reilly, Chick Lit authors like Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell and other fiction writers for example Janet Evanovich. All of whom are among my favourite authors! If authors stopped writing YA fiction, I would still enjoy reading from these genres and you never know, maybe I would discover a new genre I love!

Happy reading
- Amy


  1. First off, welcome to book blogging! (I saw that you started recently) :-)

    Second, there are simply too many fabulous books out there to ever stop reading! EVER! :-)

    Happy Friday!
    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  2. thank you!! i agree, there are so many good books out there!!

  3. There is so much to read out there to ever give it up.

  4. Please don’t be shocked but this week I’ve got a straightforward, cut and dried answer to this week’s question... for a change!

    Root for villains? No way, no how. Why am I being so narrow minded? Follow me back to my blog and find out why –

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
    Get Inside a Story

  5. I find that when it comes to other genres I am into specific authors. Such as I read Iris Johansen and Mary Higgins Clark but can't get into other authors who write the kind of books they do. Maybe if I had nothing else to read I would discover more authors I like.

    New follower. Have a great weekend!
    Lost in YA Wonderland

  6. @Tribute Books Mama I agree, so many books, Im sure I would find another genre that I enjoy!

    @Howard Sherman I'll be sure to check out your blog for your answer, thanks Howard!

    @YA Book Lover I agree with you, I'm into specific authors in other genres and I don't tend to stray from those to much. I'm sure I would be able to adapt if YA was no longer an option though I would be very sad!

  7. Welcome to blogging! I'm a new follower here :) It's always exciting to discover new genres to love!

    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  8. @ Christin, Thanks for stopping by! It is exciting to discover new genres and authors. Sometimes I can tend to stick to what I know I already love, but it is good to change it up sometimes!

    You have a great weekend too!

  9. I didn't even think of chick lit. That would definitely be one of the next genres I turned to if YA wasn't here anymore:(

    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (thanks for stopping by!)

  10. NEW FOLLOWER....lovely blog.

    And...I love your clever blog name.


  11. I would just read straight Sci-Fi haha no matter what ;)

    Happy Friday!

  12. @Jenna and Ashley, Chick lit is another favourite genre of mine. thankfully YA isnt oing anywhere!

    @Elizabeth, Thank you for stopping by and thanks for the compliments on my blog :) I'll be sure to check yours out!

    @Melissa (i swim for oceans), Sci-Fi is another good genre as well!

  13. Welcome to book blogging. I'm a new follower.

    There are so many different things to read even if new books in a favorite genre stopped being published. Please come see what I would read.

  14. Let's hope authors never stop writing YA! I love that genre. :) Thanks for hopping by!

  15. New Follower here, visiting from Crazy for Books... My preferred genre is YA too and if they stopped publishing it i probably wouldn't stop reading, but i would read a lot less and write a lot more, even if it was just for myself. I'm admin over at I'd love for you to come visit when you get a chance!


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